John Bremner

Jonh Bremner

As an international tennis professional, John Bremner became an expert in dealing with and overcoming stress. Over the twenty years since competing and coaching, John has been using his experience, strong motivational skills, and sports acumen to craft a career as an owner, director, coach, speaker, clinician, and author of the book, “StressCount™”. John feels driven to improve the lives of those around him. Coming from a family that includes a family physician (his sister), and a licensed social worker (his mom), John has “caring for others” hard-wired into his being. This book realizes his dream of helping others into a concrete and easy to understand format that readers can take to heart and put to use immediately. John graduated cum laude from Western Illinois University earning Academic All American honors with a degree in Business Finance. After college, John spent several years traveling the world playing professional tennis winning many national and international tournaments. In addition to, he has enjoyed his ownership role in,, Chase Land Group Ltd, and John currently resides in Illinois with his four children and is on the speaker's circuit sharing his personal mission statement of using his God given talents and passion to help others overcome the unhealthy stress in their lives.